Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Tonight's thoughts

I thiiiiiiiiiiiink
the only reason why instagram is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis popular is because of the filters.
People like filters. Like really really like filters.
I just changed my profile picture on facebook that I meituxiuxiu-filter-ed to death, because I was bored and thought I could change my pic once in a while (didn't change my picture since summer holidays wtf)
And suddenly several people liked my pic within a few minutes although it's not as pretty as the last one (I think)  (;¬_¬) By several I only mean like 10 people wtf, but I don't have that many facebook friends anyway
My old (prettier) picture only got 6 likes within a longer time period.
I actually really think that people tend to like pictures that are filtered to death a lot more. Seems kinda weird to me, but whatever ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

Other than thaaaaaaaaat
A-levels exams are coming closer and closer
I only have one meagre month left to study  (╥_╥) Oh well. The goal is passing wtf. I'm too stupid to get high marks anyway ahahahaha
Gonna go to China in Autumn after that. I want to take part in a programme at Chengdu's Panda Base  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I hope that'll be interesting.
Before that my dad is planning to go on vacation to Japan and South Korea with me. I'm really looking forward to that. I'll probably have to send a lot of stuff back home before my Panda Programme even starts wtf. Can't keep all my shopping haul in a hostelroom.
Everything is getting so serious now, it's kinda scary  (´_`)
I really don't like bigger changes in my life (=_=)  And soon I'll have to do my own adult stuff.
That's kinda exhausting ahahahaha
Oh well oh well
Good night!
Have picture of my face (without a nose. noses are out and overrated yo!) for nao ahahahaha
(Happy a little belated CNY btw)

Samstag, 29. September 2012

Moon Festival

Tomorrow is Moon Festival. (●´∀`●)
Well technically it already is, because it's already the 30th in China.
I really like Moon Festival, because I like mooncakes. haha.
But it also reminds me of my late grandma~ I don't remember much of my time in China (since I only went twice when I was reeeeaally young) but my granny's birthday was always around Moon Festival, so it was always celebrated on the day of the festival~ (´∀`)
When I was in China I went shopping with my granny the day before Moon Festival and saw that cake that looked like a 'Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (blackforest cherry cake)'.
Because it looked really familiar and I didn't have any ~normal (western) food for a while I was all 'ermahgeeerd I totally want that cake' and my granny was like 'no I'm pretty sure you won't like the cake' ~
But I thought that it was a normal cake, because it looked like a normal cake and made my granny buy it +__+ Which was totally stupid.
During that time China still didn't have a lot of cow's milk-(producers?) (at least where my family lived, which is near Beijing so I unabashedly assumed that whole China didn't have it wtf) and that cake was made from freaking goat's milk. And nobody explained that to me T__T
So when I ate that cake I was like 'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:' and my granny was like 'I TOLD YOU' ........ T____T
And yeah, that situation(/the cake) was so horrible that I can remember it really well. ( TДT) Sorry granny.

mooncakes that I got from my cousin ´ ▽ `

Freitag, 31. August 2012


So I kind of tried to diet since the summer break T__T (pretty much half-assed)
I obviously didn't succeed much though. haha.
I know that I should definitely cut down on carbs, but I always wonder how people do it.
But I also like to think that I can't do it, because I think that being German/Chinese is a deadly-carb-combination wtf.
I live in Germany, so I eat bread aaaaaaall the time! And when I'm not eating bread I'm probably eating rice. -_-
And I freaking love carbs man. Everything tasty is carb-stuff. -_-
yeah, lame excuses.

Also I don't reeeeeeeeaally need to diet, because I'm not getting fat or anything, but I'm slowly starting to feel uncomfortable with myself.
I didn't grow since I was 11 (I'm 18 now) and I was ALWAYS 42 kg and under.
I don't know what happened but I started gaining weight since last year and I'm about 3.5 kg heavier now T_T Yeah, 45.5 kg is still fine for my height, but I just don't feel comfortable.
At the end of the summer break I was 44 kg, but since school started I started snacking a lot again =__= And I'm almost always eating fast food for lunch. This week I actually ate fries 4 times in total. T______T

This is so annoying, I really want to get back to 42 kg but most of the time my determination is like non-existent.

Oh well, tomorrow is my first driving-lesson and I'm quite excited.

Montag, 13. August 2012

the day I realized that I was getting older

was actually the day I noticed that I was older than Shinichi Kudo. wtf #weeaboo
But seriously, I usually don't really notice aging, because my body didn't change since I was 11 T__T
And a lot of people will always tell me that I look 14 or something fml. T_T But since I have the size of a 10-year old that's probably not too bad right. =_=

Oh well. But recently I really noticed getting older T__T I'm in the last year of highschool now and everything is getting pretty serious.
And my back fking hurts. Really. -_-
I also got super forgetful T__T Today I went shopping for cake stuff and when I finally decided to start baking I noticed that I forgot to buy the stupid batteries for the kitchen scale that temporarily died two days ago T__T
After I walked all the way again to buy the batteries I started baking and everything was just getting worse =_= I forgot to put the butter in the microwave and when I mixed everything together a dough-tornado started to form around my electric whisk because the butter was too hard.
When I finished to scrape all the dough off from the whisk I noticed that i forgot to put the chocolate bits in T______T
Baking the second cake wasn't easier, when I was (again) finished with scraping off all the dough I realized that I didn't put the milk in -___-

Maybe I'm just tired because school started today, but I feel like these kind of things are happening more often now.
Also I've been feeling super emo lately and I can't really figure out why T_T
Maybe it's also just the back to school-blues, but yeah.
I know that I'm actually not that old and stuff, but life is changing so fast at this stage.
And it makes me feel quite insecure.

-uberemowhinepost end-
(at least I tried to reduce the 'T__T's wtf)

Samstag, 11. August 2012

stupid cat

this happened
exactly like this
my nose feels weird man. D:

Freitag, 10. August 2012

なんか 懐かしい な~

 ああ, makes me feel all nostalgic and stuff~  (*´▽`*)

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

ねこになりたい I want to be a cat

I like cats. :D

Hatsune Miku also wants to be a cat.

My unmade bed full of cats. And a carrot wtf. Oh and a pig too.
Stupid barbie cat-toy. Could talk once upon a time. Now my cat's fight-buddy.
Momiji Kitty Doll with a Minion and Doraemon~ :D
Cat-thing standing in the hallway.
Hello Kitty candyboxes.
Cute fat lucky cat.
Old cat pencilcase that I got from my cousin Yiqiao. I also had one in black, but someone from my school actually stole it! T_T I never got it back. =_=
Hello Kitty stuff on one of my shelves. The big Hello Kitty is actually a mirror with a comb in the back :0
Moar Hello Kitty stuff. And Azunyan! (Kagamin, Chii+Freya too <3)
Colouful wooden cats from a stall on the bookfair in Frankfurt and a cute cat from Japan.
Another cute cat from Japan.
Huge poster and a Hello Kitty calendar.
Shinzi Katoh cat teaset~ :D
Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便) on my maomaobag (猫bag) from taobao!

There's a lot more stuff, but I'm too lazy to take photos. But most of it is Hello Kitty stuff anyway.

Funny picture of my own cat: